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International Advocates for Health Freedom was the first to call the Codex international threat to health freedom in 1996 via an article by John C. Hammell in Life Extension Magazine.

Our orginal website  has been archived, and this NEW site has been built to STREAMLINE an understanding of this complex issue, and to make it EASY to fight back!

More....  ABOUT IAHF where you'll find information about John Hammell, and an overview of IAHF's history, objectives, and work.

On this site you will find:

1. Our ROADMAP to the Codex issue, (a series of hypertext links guide you to an understanding of this complex issue),  

2. Our SEEING THRU THE SPIN page where you can understand how the dietary supplement industry is being misled on the Codex vitamin issue by Pharma Interests controlling the vitamin trade associations (which in turn have been misleading their health food store and vitamin company members. Active grassroots effort is needed to assist IAHF in communicating with NNFA member health food stores and vitamin companies to help them see thru spin originating from Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood LLP (NNFA's legal counsel). It is a complete conflict of interest that NNFA would utilize this lawfirm. They're a huge multinational lawfirm with numerous pharmaceutical clients.   

3. Our ACTION PAGE where you can send form letters to congress to DEFEND the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act by working to kill anti freedom legislation which threatens to force the USA into a planned North American Union with Canada & Mexico (and further into the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the America), and into a WORLD GOVERNMENT.) Additionally there are domestic bills which threaten DSHEA, and also bills to support.

4. Please ORDER IAHF's EDUCATION KIT which will help you to understand the CODEX issue, and to hold meetings in your area necessary to activate family, friends, neighbors, and everyone who shops at health food stores in your area. Proceeds assist us in doing our work...(see full description and more info in this section...)

5. BROADENING OUR BASE  This section contains information to catalyze a paradigm shift away from our current ineffective "disease care" system. Here you'll find sources of information about alternative medicine, dietary supplements, how to educate people to help them make healthy changes in their lives, how to write letters to the editor to comment on biased anti dietary supplement articles, how to do effective public speaking, how to generate press releases, how to lobby the US congress or any foreign government on our issues, how to network with other groups to get them involved in our campaign, etc.

6. LINKS SECTION Here you'll find LINKS to allied sites that are working with IAHF to defend health freedom in the USA and abroad. We also have links to additional information and TOOLS that can help you fight this health freedom battle. Some of these links are to sites that while not endorsed by IAHF, still may have useful information, even if some of it is even contrary to IAHFs (to sites of industry trade associations, or to controlled opposition groups.)